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Comenius 2008-2010

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Comenius Multilateral Partnerships 2008/2010
“Food Culture and Health”


Description of the Partnership

The partner schools aim to publish a common cookbook, initially in digital form on their (respective) homepages, later in the form of a book. It will contain recipes and profiles of the partner schools’ regions. Researched and documented will be geographical, historical, social, economical and cultural specialities of the regions, based on the particular cuisine. Hangers are recipes that shall be collected, partly developed, exchanged and tested. By this means, the awareness for the cuisine, the culinary diversity, regional peculiarity and health (in general) shall be raised. This project-topic is especially significant in regards to the Europe-wide obvious increase of juvenile adiposity over the last twenty years.
In the regular classes/courses the various topics concerning cooking and healthy diet will be covered with active learning methods and deepened in consideration of European aspects. This intention cultivates the long standing partnerships under a new aspect and is connected to the erection of a cafeteria at Teningen School. The latter will successively become a day care centre like our partner schools. Insofar impulses from this project (will) go out to school development. For an increasing number of students, school is experienced not only as a learning environment, but also as a living environment in which meals are shared. A common public festival of the partner schools with self-cooked specialities and the presentation of the project will represent this highlight.

Link to the international cookbook:


Theodor, Frank, Haupt und Realschule - Teningen - Germany


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