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Grundtvig 2008-2010

logo del progetto Grundtvig

Comenius Multilateral Partnerships 2008/2010
“Cultural Awareness Fosters European Adults’ Lifelong Learning”


Description of the Partnership

This Grundtvig partnership project is designed to raise awareness of cultural differences and similarities and eventually to lay the groundwork for developing cross-cultural communicative competence.

Target groups:
Adult learners including learners with special needs, senior learners and learners at risk of social exclusion.

Thematic area:
Key competences for lifelong learning-Cultural Awareness and Expression.


  • To motivate adult learners to lifelong learning
  • To increase knowledge about one’s own reality, territory, history and cultural heritage
  • To exchange information with partners involved, in order to be aware of own and European culture.

The fundamental principle is that in order to comprehend and appreciate a different culture, one must first have a conscious understanding and insight into one’s own culture.

Collecting and sharing information by ICT technology, meetings between adult learners and staff involved in the partnership.

Outcomes and products:

  • Learning more about language, culture, arts and handcrafts, way of life and social problems in the different regions involved in the project.
  • Improving tolerance and understanding.
  • Increasing motivation to lifelong learning.
  • Improvement ICT skills.


Mrs. Eleonora Orlando - Bari - Italy


Report of the 1st Meeting Bari, 4th – 7th November


Selection of the adult learners group: definition of common criteria. Final products of the project:

Preparing a survival kit for exchanges: definition of the common items:Deadline of the first draft: End of December 2008 (only written version) All items will be written in mother tongue and English, and supported by audio files for the correct pronunciation.

1st year:

  • Basic communication
  • Travel
  • Accommodation
  • Supermarket, Bar Restaurant
  • Culture
  • Health

2st year:

  • Collecting information about traditions, geography, history of adult learners own area.
  • Selection of common traditions and habits from each partner in order to create a “fil rouge” of - working (Starting point will be ceremonies).
  • Sharing information with foreign partners.
  • Integration of “survival kit” for exchanges (in mother tongue/English) with traditions, cultural and artistic expressions.
  • Publishing of a booklet supported by a CD containing the meaningful activities and the good practices in order to disseminate the project results.

Planned Activities:

Putting all project information and products (survival kit, photos of the 1st meeting and news about project development) in institutions website pages. Proposal about Project Logo: deadline January 2009.

Planning of Mobilities:

  • May 2009 Izmit - Turkey
  • September 2009: Odense - Denmark
  • February 2010 Trieste – Italy
  • May 2010: Final Meeting Bari - Italy.

Communication Platform will be decided among MSN messenger, Skype, Facebook or Mosaic (IRES Trieste Platform).


  • Supervision of the actual activities
  • By entry/exit questionnaires
  • Evaluation criteria: number of staff, subjects, adult learners involved
  • By monitoring questionnaires/Customer satisfaction questionnaire
  • Comparison between the actual and planned activities
  • Changed mobilities because of non eligibility of Spanish partner
  • Change of the final product: instead of posters, calendars and bookmarks we decided about a booklet supported by a CD.

The Coordinator of the project professoressa Eleonora Orlando (IPSSSS "Severina De Lilla" - Bari)

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